The grind can be lonely

“Take the journey even if it means alone.”


Since November 2020, I’ve been running, executing, curating, marketing and financing Kick Ass Letters, a private community of like-minded people who are seeking to take on comfort challenges.

As someone who’s never ran either a weekly newsletter or a community, it’s been quite a experience.

On one end, I love it as I’m learning something new, meeting new faces, and connecting with like-minded people who want similar things in life.

On the other, it’s been a lonely journey that has me spending 95% of my time alone (the other 5% I spend meeting people on Lunchclub or attending Dru’s awesome Trends Tribe calls).

With all that said, this whole process been a grind.

As a parent to one little boy, a co-founder of an accounting business, and trying my best to be an amazing husband, I’m wary that my time is being allocated in multiple buckets.

What does that mean?

It can be overwhelming, although mentally I tell myself things are fine. (I know when they aren’t because I’ll start catching a cold or fever.)

One thing that’s been helpful for me to overcome this overwhelming feeling is to daily journal.

I try my best to be as honest as possible, to be truthful on where I can improve, and to be grateful for what I do have in my daily journal sessions.

Here’s an example of my Nimbus template below, feel free to duplicate here:

All that said, I’m really grateful and excited to keep Kick Ass Letters going.

We now have close to 300 subscribers, which is baffling.

What was a crazy idea to me at the time has become something that resonates with 300 others.

I hope Kick Ass Letters can become what I think it can — a movement for like-minded people who’re seeking to challenge themselves into becoming the best versions of ourselves.

I know we can do this.

It’ll be amazing to see how much we can accomplish when we get to do it together — as a community.

Look forward to sharing more updates with you. Stay tuned!