Here is a list of key principles I rely on in my life.

These are a culmination of living a very interesting life.

From working a typical 9-5 corporate job to now running my own business and projects, I hope these will help you in your own journey.

Here we go.

Always prioritize family above all else

Remember that nothing else matters beyond your family.

Business, possessions, etc…they can wait.

Don’t neglect your health

A healthy body = healthy mind.

Can’t be my best if I’m unhealthy.

Work out, even if it’s not a lot of time.

Work on businesses that intersect your passion with a growing market

It’s great to be passionate.

But passion doesn’t = business.

Focus on where both interconnect.

Connect with like-minded people to grow and learn

Connect with people who are on the same path as you.

Focus on those who are passionate about growth, learning, and determination.

Prioritize humility and honesty when connecting.

Be your most authentic self

Don’t change to become someone you’re not.

The right people will enter your life.

The right people will understand you.

You will understand them.

ADD VALUE to those who deserve it

Always be grateful.

Give back to those who’ve supported you.

Be generous.

Add value in the following ways:

  • compliments
  • share gifts
  • share resources
  • buy their stuff
  • connect them with people
  • offer advice

Eliminate the noise

Remove things that don’t add value to your purpose.

Don’t feel sorry.

Be yourself.

Stay on the path.

Your path.


Want to win?

Show up.


No excuses.

Consistency matters.

Show up.


Protect your MIND

Minds wander. Minds can lead to bad thoughts.

Protect your mind from bad thoughts.

Feed it with positivity.

Feed it with wisdom, knowledge, and happiness.

Surround yourself with things that drive positivity.