Here’s a list of my favorite things to share with you below:



Blog Articles

Tools & Apps

  • Readwise – book notes, quotes, reminders
  • Slack – internal communications for my businesses and projects
  • Clickup – project/task management
  • Airtable – CRM, forms, newsletter management
  • Toggl – time tracking
  • Notion – wiki, reminders, databases
  • Appsumo – app marketplace to buy software on lifetime deal pricing
  • Audacity – record and clean up my audio recordings and podcasts
  • Berrycast – screen recordings to share with customers, friends, etc.
  • Nimbus Notes – houses all my notes, audio journaling, screenshots, etc.
  • Copysmith – AI copywriting to help me generate copy ideas
  • Fiverr – find talent to help scale my business and projects
  • ManagedWP – manage all of my wordpress sites in one place (plugins, themes, etc.)
  • HappyScribe – transcribe podcasts, youtube videos, and more
  • Publer – social media management on auto-pilot
  • AirDroid – mirror my phone to my laptop
  • Toby – bookmark and project management
  • Instant Data Scraper – chrome extension to scrape data
  • Moon Reader – ebook reader app for all my books
  • Podcast Addict – podcast app where I listen to all my podcasts
  • Insight Timer – meditation app to help me destress and calm my mind
  • Libby – audiobook app that I plug in with my library card to read free audiobooks
  • 1 Second Everyday – life movie app that records 1 second video clips and clips them all together
  • Mint – personal finance app to manage my budget
  • Personal Capital – manage and see my entire net worth in one place


  • Mixed martial arts
  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
  • Shadow-boxing
  • Meditation
  • Reading
  • Watching Netflix shows with my wife
  • Writing
  • Walking