My Wife

To my wife, I love you more than you could imagine.

I’m forever grateful to you.

You’ve been my rock.

You’ve been the person there by my side after 14 years.

I want the best for you.

You are on my mind 24/7.

You are more incredible than you think.

I love you.

To the next 60 years together ?

My Son

If you told me I would have a son of my own, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I had a very hard upbringing.

I was scared every day.

I cried a lot.

But watching you grow up.

It fills me up with happiness.

Words can’t express how much you mean to me.

You are my motivation.

I want what’s best for you.

I want you to experience life.

Be happy, laugh joyously, be crazy, enjoy life.

I love you.

My Sister

We made it.

We survived.

It was hard.

It wasn’t easy.

But we are here.

I’m grateful every day we bonded closely.

It could have been much worse.

You’re an incredible person.

You achieved more than most people will in a lifetime.

You are my inspiration.

You’re fierce.

Thank you for being strong.

I love you.

To Future Children

I love you.

I don’t know when we will meet.

But know this.

I will fight fiercely for you.

As I have with life.

I love you.