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At an early age, I knew I always wanted to help people. What I had been through in life, I knew there must be more out there who are suffering or just need a little boost.

If you’re looking for support with your finances or just need some help with your business, I’m happy to help.

My Background

  • Finance & Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Finances

For over a decade, I worked for top companies such as General Electric and Vistaprint.

I completed GE's rigorous Financial Management Program in two years, and then moved onto Vistaprint to gain experience with a hyper-growth company.

My experiences included:

  • Managed $0.5B in operating expenses, headcount and capital investments for GE Energy

  • Streamlined various GE financial activities, saving time and enhancing efficiencies

  • Promoted through various challenging roles at Vistaprint

  • Worked directly with CEO and CFO on various strategic initiatives

  • Consulted for various startups on financial and operational activities to grow sales, increase profits and increase productivity

  • Strong people manager that believes in team growth and culture

I've launched two businesses that have scaled over six figures and over 35% profit margins.

My experiences include:

  • Business planning and strategy

  • Step by step process to getting a business of the ground

  • Tactical execution of systems to help get owners out of the "doing"

  • Sales and marketing to brand a business for growth

  • Hiring to scale for growth

  • Processes to document key workflows for your teams

  • Finance and accounting processes to analyze profitability and productivity

Because of my life experiences, I had to learn how to save so I wouldn't go homeless.

After reading many books, building assets and learning from others, I grew my net worth to over half a million.

My experiences include:

  • Building strategic budgets with focus on goals

  • Step by step process to reviewing and analyzing budgets

  • Building systems to track savings and wealth on auto-pilot

  • Creating savings allocations methods to place cash in cash-producing assets

  • Staying accountable on spend, investments and assets

  • Knowing when to spend and invest

How I can help

Personal Finances

Business Consulting

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