Our visit to Vietnam

My name is Yarty.

I made this website as a way to archive my life, and share my story, my writings, and my interests. I hope you find it interesting and useful.

When my time comes and I’m long gone, this page will be all that’s left of me.


About Me

I’ve lived an interesting, weird life. It’s been filled with ups, downs, deaths, failures, and successes.

Despite all that, I choose to be happy and hopeful. I find life is too short to be sad.

I’m ambitious, focused, determined, and persistent. I’m passionate when I dive into things I love. I’m obsessed with learning and creating.

I’m also addicted to systems. I’m constantly optimizing my life to focus on priorities, e.g. my family.

Oh, and I absolutely love MMA (mixed martial arts).

A life-long wrestler, boxer, and martial artist. Now focused on attaining my BJJ black belt.

Here’s my MMA debut fight below.


What matters to me

I love the simple things in life. Like watching the stars at night.

I’m not into luxury goods, materials, or social status games.

I’m an introvert.

But when it comes to BJJ/MMA/martial arts/technology, I can talk…a lot.

I love helping people. It’s my nature. I find myself happiest when helping others achieve their goals.

Above all, I’m loyal.

I’m extremely grateful to those who give their time to me. I don’t feel like it’s deserved.

But I appreciate it more than words can express.

How I operate

  • I work on one task at a time: I feel most productive when working on one task at a time. I track each task using Toggl. I list my task in ClickUp, then track time using Toggl. Toggl keeps me accountable (I hate wasting time).
  • I choose to be better: I have a daily habits schedule. I love doing them. They remind me I’m becoming the person I choose to be, not what someone wants me to be. I work diligently at them.
  • I love learning: I read blog posts, and articles, invest in tools, and ask a lot of questions. I believe life is about learning. I’d rather learn than spend time watching tv.
  • I hate politics: I cannot stand people playing the political game. I saw ugly things at work. It devastates people. I hate that.
  • I always question things: I don’t take things at face value. I question what’s in front of me. I ask a lot of questions to get to the truth.
  • I’m an intense person: I care deeply when that thing matters to me, e.g. my family. If it comes across as being a jerk, it’s not meant to. Intensity allowed me to survive.
  • I’m scared: Yes, I fought MMA. No, I was scared to death. That’s why I choose to do things that scare me. It builds character. It reveals what I’m willing to do. I absolutely love it.


Feel free to message me on Twitter at @yartykim.