Your passion finds you

“You don’t choose your passions, your passions choose you,”

Jeff Bezos

I recently shared this post.


Because for the past few months, I’ve been wondering: why am I running away from my passion?

My passion for helping others, my passion for inspiring and providing hope, my passion to give back.

My passion has always been in martial arts and fitness. Through this I was able to weather the storm that is life.

I’ve always wanted to share this with others to help them achieve their own goals or get out of their rut.

We all get stuck at points in life.

Sometimes we just need a little push to get us there.

MMA and martial arts has always been that for me.

When I was homeless, I wondered if I’d see a tomorrow.

Fast forward a decade later and here I am, still walking and still breathing.

What saved me?

My family, my love for martial arts and my passion for helping people.

I won’t ever change that.

I need to pursue what’s always been in front of me.

Not tomorrow, not next month, not next year.

It happens now.

And I can’t wait.