Future You

In 2012, I wasn’t sure where I would be, whether I would still be working, whether I would be alive. Where was my future?

It was, to some extent, a grim reality. So much happened in a such a short amount of time.

But when I thought about where I would go and what I could be, I thought, “Maybe….”

Today, I run a business, have a family and volunteer.

I would not have guaranteed you this would have happened.

But in 2012, I tried to look out 20-30 years and where I would go. I tried to think about what my future would entail.

This was enough for me to get up and try to change myself.

And for you, you can do the same.

We can do it. Together.

Try to think about your future self, the future you.

When you do, you’ll live life differently – with fulfillment.

The future you. My future.