No recollection

Yarty Kim - summer sky
Yarty Kim - summer sky
Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash


There I was, lying on that hot, summer pavement, unconscious and still, not making a noise. This was it. My life would end before it began.

Around the time I was about three years old, like any young child who’s clueless about the rules of the road, I ran across the street and was struck by a sixteen wheeler (truck).

Of course, I have no recollection of this outside of what I was told by my brother and father. But many years later around the time I was a sophomore in high school, I found a document listing the injuries I had sustained on that day.

Here is the list: broken leg, cracked skull and fell into a coma. Surprisingly, I made it out alive from this accident.

Yarty Kim truck accident
Photo by Rhys Moult on Unsplash

Today, I wonder what could have been had I not been hit by that truck. Would I have been more intelligent? Brighter? Less angry? Who knows.

What I do know is that I made it out alive. I’m still living and am able to share this story with you. I’m happy yet feel unfilled. There’s so much more to do in this life, to help others live a better life, and to give back to the less fortunate.

And because of this accident, I believe I may be able to accomplish that, even if it is just one person.

Thank you for reading my story. Stay tuned as I’ll be releasing more stories of my life and hope what I share can help you in any way.