Taking responsibility for everything you do in life

Take responsibility - Yarty

What does it mean to take full responsibility for all your actions and the things you do everyday?

It means being fully conscious in the moment and taking calculated steps to accomplish and complete one’s goals/objectives/tasks.

It doesn’t mean brushing off important things for another day, hoping they will complete themselves.

It doesn’t mean preparing a basket of excuses when things go awry or the outcomes doesn’t turn out in our favor.

It doesn’t mean blaming the circumstances, the people, the environment around us because we haven’t taken the steps to better ourselves.

It means taking full control and responsibility for everything you do.

Because in order for us to set out and fulfill our dreams and aspirations, we need to make a plan. We need to check off the items from our checklist, despite the frustration, anxiety or stress.

It means we are present in the moment.

We only have so many days in the year. Days go by, then weeks and then years.

And when we finally realize it, a decade has past. Our hair has turned grey. Our backs ache when we wake up.

Then it hits us, “You never took that chance, that opportunity, to live out your goals and/or dreams”.

We’re all mortal, and we all have vulnerabilities. And because of this, taking full responsibility of our actions is incredibly important.

Only we can do it, no one else. Take full responsibility, live a complete life.