Reinventing yourself and your career to be happy

While driving to buy groceries, my wife and I were having conversation about how people change their careers. Some either move into an adjacent career, or some move into completely new ones.

Then my wife said to me, “You managed to reinvent yourself though.”

It had me thinking, what does it mean to reinvent yourself. So I looked it up.

The meaning of reinvent

Merriam Webster dictionary defines reinvent as the following:

  • to make as if for the first time something already invented
  • to remake or redo completely
  • to bring into use again

The second definition resonated.

To remake or redo completely….

It had me thinking about my career and what I had done up to this point.

For nearly a decade, I was working in corporate finance, managed multiple promotions in a short time span, collected bonuses and praise, and received options.

But I was never happy.

After working from 7am to 7pm, I would often come home and ask myself, “What am I doing?”.

I was having an existential moment every day I came home.

Then in 2017, I was laid off.

Yes, admittedly I was angry and upset. But a part of me was also relieved and happy. For nearly a decade, I wanted out of this career. And then it happened.

How entrepreneurship enabled me to reinvent myself

After backpacking in 2017 with my wife throughout Southeast Asia, we were having deep conversations about the direction of our lives.

Do we go back to corporate? Do we take another comfy job? Do we do something completely different?

These are hard choices to think about.

But after reading the book “The Everything Store”, a biography on Jeff Bezos and Amazon and one of my favorite books, it gave me the realization that we only have one life–this life.

We have this one life to live and make it our own.

So I decided that entrepreneurship was going to be my path.

Since taking this path, I’ve learned and gained the following skills:

  • How to close deals with prospects
  • How to build a website
  • How to build sales and marketing funnels
  • How to create engaging social posts
  • How to set up analytics to analyze web performance
  • How to project manage using scrum and agile frameworks
  • How to manage remote teams and build team culture
  • How to create automated workflows using no code
  • How to leverage my time for maximum efficiency (i.e. no more 40 hour work weeks)
I save every website I read and learn from. This is just a few of them here.

These are just a few of the things I’ve learned over the past couple of years. But I’ve been so happy. Words can’t describe how much better I feel since taking this path.

I feel like I’m in college all over again.

You can reinvent yourself too

I strongly believe that at some point we become accustom to our lifestyles.

We take that corporate career path, we work our 9-5 shift, we collect our paycheck, then we rinse and repeat.

We don’t think about the possibility that there could be something else.

Fear has overridden us. We take the path of least resistance.

I thought this way for so long. And it wasn’t until being laid off that I realized how big this world is and the opportunities that are out there.

It’s vast.

You can reinvent yourself too. Ask yourself the following:

  • Am I happy in this career path I’m in?
  • Do I actually like this work that I do?
  • Does it align with my values in life?
  • What are my values in life?
  • If I died in the next 5 years, would I do something different?

These simple questions can help determine if you’re truly happy in the path you’re in.

You may be, you might not be. But it’ll manifest if you take the time to ask. Feel free to use a free tool like XMind to create a mind map, which I found to be extremely valuable.

I did this, and it was the best thing for me personally.

Final thoughts

In the end, this is our only life.

Time is the only commodity we can’t make more of. When the time passes, it’s gone. This alone should make us think about what we truly value with our time.

If there’s this burning desire inside of you that’s begging for a change, consider it. Seriously consider it.

It will be scary, it will be daunting.

But remember this — this is our life. We have a choice.

Reinvent yourself. Become the person you want to be.

Above all else, be happy. Because that’s what matters.

Stay strong, stay healthy and best wishes ?

Every one has a story

Every one has a story

Every one has a story
Every one has a story

Only the Front

Throughout my career, when I worked with others in the office I had only one value that I wanted to uphold – to not make any one’s life any more difficult than it may already be for them. I wasn’t always perfect in this regards, and I always felt terrible when I messed up.

I didn’t know their story, what they were personally going through or the things they had to endure up to this point. Sure, we might not have agreed on certain points or issues. But regardless, I always wanted to make sure I wasn’t the reason they went home unhappy. And if I did, I’m deeply sorry.

So why did people treat others the way they did? Did they have something to release? Did they also carry a heavy burden? I grew up in a very difficult, challenging environment that made question life and people. Throughout elementary, middle and high school, I would put a smile on my face. Every. Single. Day. No one knew I was deeply angry and sad at the world.

Now and Forward

For those who have endured similar struggles, know that we have the power to make sure we don’t place the same kinds of burden onto others. It’s tough, I know. Why did I go through this when no one else had to? I asked those very same questions every day. But nothing changes from thinking this way. Rather, we move forward, find our own happiness and in the process, bring a smile to others where we can. It won’t always be easy (nothing ever truly is), but you can do it. We can do it.

If you found this post interesting, please send me a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Life is a short one and while we are here, I’m hoping we can help make it a better place. One day at a time.