I have a confession to make…

I’m an Appsumo LTD addict ?

Seriously, I check every week (sometimes daily) for the latest and greatest tech deals to either optimize my business or to keep *in case* I need it the future.

And for a one time payment, it’s crazy not to buy a code or two.

That beats paying monthly any day of the week.

I bought Publer a couple months ago, and it’s been one of my favorite tools for automating my social media postings.

The best part? They’re constantly updating it, making it better and better. Recently, they added an image library so I don’t have to jump onto pexels to find stock images (thank you!).

I’m planning to do some reviews on the deals I’ve bought, so be on the lookout.

Oh, and also, their marketing of the deals are spot on with their webinars and email campaigns ?

Noah Kagan, founder of Appsumo, has created something special here.

Also, check out his youtube channel – it’s one of the best I’ve come across when it comes to business and entrepreneurship tips. He also has a weekly office hours series tht I highly recommend watching. More to share on this soon.

Anyways, just wanted to share my quick confession!